Adam and Sarah LiVecchi are pioneers in the kingdom. They are risk takers and like to stir up the nest and challenge comfort zones. I stand behind them in their writing, crusades, and preaching ministry and am honored to call them my friends.

Dr. Jonathan Welton,
Best-selling author and President of Welton Academy


I have known Adam LiVecchi since 2007. Since that time, Adam has accompanied me to India, the Philippines, Peru and Nicaragua. On these ministry trips, I have many times observed Adam as he preached in the open air, prayed for healing on the streets, and taken teams out to do healing and evangelism. Adam is not only passionate, he is very anointed. I have seen him hold the attention of both large crowds and individuals as he effectively shared the love and power of Christ. Adam is gifted in healing and he has learned how to effectively pass that on to others; he has trained many of our team members to heal the sick. Adam has a great love for the Word of God, which is evident to all who hear him speak.

Adam also spent time with us at our ministry base in Vancouver, Canada. He taught and ministered to youth and young adults in both church settings and out on the streets of the city. During the time he spent living with our family, I saw first-hand his godly lifestyle and his passion for Jesus. The public and the private man are the same—gifted and of excellent character.

It has been a joy to watch Adam spiritually grow over the past two years. He has repeatedly proven himself to be faithful—both to the Lord and to those around him. Like Adam, his wife Sarah is a godly and sensitive woman. Professionally trained, Sarah is a worshiper who is gifted in playing violin and viola prophetically. Together, they make a powerful team.

I wholeheartedly recommend Adam and Sarah and the ministry that God has given them.

Steve Stewart,
Founder, Impact Nations


Adam LiVecchi is my dear friend and an inspiration as he holds to the Word of God as if he were holding on to Jesus himself. Adam approaches the Bible like a miner who is not afraid to get his hands dirty and is skilled at uncovering the veins of gold that lie beneath the surface. It is evident that We See Jesus Ministries really are seeing Jesus as they prioritize the poor and needy and move boldly in the power and compassion of Christ.

Adam Cates


Dear friends in ministry:
It is my privilege to commend to you the ministry of We See Jesus Ministries. Adam LiVecchi is a man after God’s own heart. He desires the character and personality of Jesus in every area of his life. Adam is part of an army of prophetic voices that God is raising up to bring a Kingdom shift to the current landscape of the Church. Adam’s lifestyle of intimacy before God and his determination to bring the people of God into a greater revelation of God’s heart, make him a valuable gift to the body of Christ.

Abner Suarez
President For Such A Time As This, Inc.
Dunn, North Carolina


In the course of my relationship with Adam LiVecchi, I have found him to be a man of great zeal and have a heart to serve the body of Christ. I have witnessed him minister many times and have had him minister at our meetings also. I can proudly say that I am thankful to God to be his friend. He has great passion when he ministers and he seeks the Lords direction for his life on a consistent basis.

John Natale
John Natale Ministries


Adam LiVecchi is called by God as an end time warrior to bring the generation of Youth in the United States and around the world into the fullness of their callings. Adam’s combined evangelistic and prophetic gift coupled with his boldness and gift of Faith to believe God to heal any type of sickness. Both his preaching and prophetic flow will be a blessing to your church and/or ministry. He also is a man of integrity with a teachable spirit. I would highly recommend him to your church or youth gathering.

Prophet/Pastor Jim Jorgensen
Sound the Trumpet Ministries International
Albany, New York


It has been a joy to see Adam blossom in ministry in recent years. His obvious call to the nations is apparent because his effectiveness has been noted by many people in many places. Adam's zeal for the Lord is contagious and his desire to see the gospel spread everywhere refreshing. I commend his ministry and personally look forward to the many ways I believe the Lord will use him for the furtherance of the kingdom of God.

Pastor Don James
Wyckoff, NJ


To whom it may concern: I have known Adam LiVecchi for a few years now. He is an outstanding young man and lover of God. His passion for Jesus is inspiring and contagious. He is a man of integrity and purity. His humility and willingness to serve in any way for the kingdom of God is an example I want to follow. The Lord uses him in powerful ways. I would work with him anywhere and anytime for the kingdom of God. He will encourage and inspire you to live for Jesus!

Steve Espamer
Missionary Evangelist
Connect The World


For us, the ministry of Adam LiVecchi has blessed a deep part of our church. He has made known to us that we must have the revelation of Christ revealed in our hearts in order to do his will. His ministry is making us want to be the church God wants us to be and to have the fullness of the Holy Spirit to fulfill God’s purpose in our nation. I thank God for his ministry and his wife, and pray that he keeps going.

Pastor Pascual Borrell
Bavaro para Cristo
Bavaro , Dominican Republic


There are few people that carry the same passion, zeal, and heart-love for the Lord Jesus Christ then Adam LiVecchi. He is a man whose heart has been reserved to please the Lord Jesus Christ. As his brother and co-laborer for Christ, I have personally witnessed his boldness and faith bring forth signs and wonders for the glory of God through Jesus Christ. His personal devotion to the Lord is something every Christian should learn from. He carries less than common revelatory knowledge the body of Christ so desperately needs. Adam has personally ministered at Abundant Grace Christian Church and blessed our congregation immensely. May more Christians carry the deposit of the revelation of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world! I would fully recommend this man of God to minister.

Pastor Steve Hannett
Abundant Grace Christian Church

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