Vision & Mission


God’s vision is that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord would cover the earth as waters cover the sea. So Jesus commanded his disciples (us) to preach the gospel, and disciple the nations. This is how God fulfills his promise to Abraham to bless all of the peoples of the earth. The Father does it through Jesus, with the people of God who are empowered by the Spirit of God, for the glory of God.


We See Jesus Ministries exists to equip the church, reach the lost, and bless the nations. There are 3 words that define what we do, they are Evangelism, Discipleship and Philanthropy. The whole gospel produces real disciples, and real disciples bring about real and sustainable change.

How we do it

  1. We equip the church by preaching, teaching, writing, audio, video and most of all having deep honest and ongoing relationships.
  2. We take teams to different nations where we have ongoing relationships. In those nations we do leadership training, church services, community outreaches with feeding, healing and evangelism at the center of the outreaches.
  3. We do projects that improve the quality of life for the people we are ministering to and caring for. As of right now we are doing a clean water project in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. 


This vision will be executed in these various different expressions.

  • Teaching the church.
  • Open Air preaching.
  • Strategic prayer and worship gatherings. (That include the Isaiah 58 fast)
  • Outreaches to the streets to heal the sick and preach the Kingdom of God.
  • Outreaches to Abortion Clinics to be a voice for those who are appointed to destruction.
  • Audio and Video media. That reaches out to the lost and equips believers to believe Jesus enough to obey him.
  • Writings such as books, articles, blogs and ongoing ministry testimonies.
  • Writings are currently being translated in other languages to help equip Pastors in other nations.
  • Raising funds to put people in the developing world into their own business, so they can come out of poverty and be a blessing to their community. The more Christian business owners there are in the developing world the more the Gospel will advance.

We See Jesus Ministries

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