Jordan Ambroise Micro Business

This project will cost roughly 1200. USD and we are about half way there. Jordan will be given a Toshiba Laptop with a CD/DVD burner that burns several CD’s or DVD’S at a time. He will sell the copies he burns and make roughly 1 USD each CD or DVD he sells. This will help him eat more than 1 meal a day.

UPDATE: Thank you to all that gave into this project. We have now been able to purchase everything needed to help Jordan jumpstart his business. That included a laptop, 5 CD/DVD Burner, bag, CDs, DVDs, and other supplies. Jordan should be receiving everything in the beginning of April.  Check back for pictures!

Message from Jordan: I thank God first of all, and all of you who put your hands together to help me this to start a new business. Thanks a lot, my brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus-Christ. God will prosper you and multiply you and give it back a 100 times more. I believe it and I want you to receive it. I receive the laptop and CD/DVD burner on April 6, 2011 at about 3:00 pm. I live in Haiti. God is moving so powerfully in my country. Jesus is changing things arround in the new Haiti. I love you all and I hope to meet you sometime. My God be with you and bless you bountifully in Jesus Mighty Name.

Jordan Veinson Ambroise 


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